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About TPEC

In summary  Proactive in manufacturing innovation through fully leveraging digital engineering

Toyota Production Engineering Corporation, TPEC is aiming for continuous growth by suggesting new processes utilizing digital technology while we consider our ideal situation.
And we are making various efforts to achieve vehicle manufacturing that makes people happier through pursuing safer, higher quality and more efficient production lines and process.

TPEC's mission  Supporting high-efficiency and high-quality vehicle manufacturing

TPEC engages in production preparation and creation of a favorable environment for manufacturing.
We take part in planning of the most appropriate vehicle production line in cooperation with the production engineering department and manufacturing department of Toyota.
In the process of construction of manufacturing lines, we expand this study process globally in collaboration with facility/automobile-body manufacturers and domestic/overseas entities.

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TPEC business fields Embodiment of TOYOTA's manufacturing through digital technology of production

TPEC's mission is to understand various issues related to production preparation and create high-quality and highly-efficient production lines for manufacturing by utilizing digital tools improved every day.
We build trust and achieve results by offering facility plans and process plans which satisfy "quality" and "productivity" through the full use of leading-edge digital technology in order to contribute significantly to the further development of the "manufacturing" industry as a whole.

Digital engineering field

Measurement/Data preparation:We make full use of the digital engineering by gathering and arranging vehicle product data and facility/plant data. Forming/Molding analysis:We establish the conditions for non-defective products by utilizing digital analysis tools including CAE. These simulate the progress of forming and the state of deformation of parts. Digital simulation:We develop and apply leading-edge simulation software which proposes the most appropriate line configuration to satisfy quality/safety/productivity/cost requirements. Mold and jig design/Modeling:We improve design quality by the digital study that make 3-dimensional design and modeling of molds/jigs.

Actual-engineering field

Support of production tryout:Confirmation of the function and quality of production lines and verification of the results of digital study.

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