What is the SDGs?


SDGs, which stands for “Sustainable Development Goals”, was adopted at the United Nations Summit in 2015 as a set of international development goals from 2016 to 2030. It consists of 17 goals such as “INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE” and “SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES” in pursuit of achieving the sustainable world.

Initiatives for the local community

3 Good Health and Well-being

To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

4 Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

14 Life Below Water

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

TPEC’s initiatives for the SDGs

Supporting local communities and reducing food loss

Food drive activities

Food drive is an activity to bring food and daily necessities that cannot be used at home to work or school and donate them to welfare facilities.
TPEC has been carrying out this activity since 2021, and employees bring in food that cannot be used in thier homes and donate them to Munakata city and Toyota city.

Image:Supporting local communities and reducing food loss

Traffic Safety Enhancing Activities

Contribution to traffic safety in the local community as TPEC is an automobile-related company

We cleaned driveway mirrors and road reflectors at approximately 180 spots around Motomachi branch office.

Traffic Safety Enhancing Activities

Cooperation in local human resource development

Contribution to a next generation engineer development through participation in International Hackathon 2019 and cooperation in Fukuoka Prefecture human resource development project

As part of efforts to promote and revitalize local industries driven by Fukuoka Prefecture, we offer seminars utilizing our in-house training program aiming mainly for improving technical capabilities of local automobile-related companies.

Image: Cooperation in local human resource development

Participation in PR activities to promote a world cultural heritage in Munakata city

Provision of VR images of the visitor experience in Okinoshima island, a world cultural heritage, and its PR activities

We provide VR contents offering the visitor experience in Okinoshima on which the general public is prohibited to land in spite of designation as a world cultural heritage. We have participated in various events held in the city with carrying VR devices contributing to PR activities for citizens.

Image: Participation in PR activities to promote a world cultural heritage in Munakata city

Environment creation activity to nurture the forest of the sea with full of lives

Provision of visual contents to Munakata Global Environmental Symposium

We played the video of sea creatures in Genkai-nada sea in Munakata Global Environmental Symposium.

Image: Environment creation activity to nurture the forest of the sea with full of lives

Enriching local oceans and mountains

Munakata City "Bamboo Fish Reef" Project

In Munakata City, bamboo, which grows in forests along the coast of the port of Kanezaki, is cut down every year, and bamboo fish reefs using the bamboo are installed on the seafloor. We are aiming to revive the ecosystem of the sea by creating spawning areas and living areas for Aoriika(Aori squid), which is a special product of Kanezaki. TPEC, a member of the Executive Committee of the Munakata Eco International Symposium, also participates in the production of bamboo fish reefs and assists in activities to solve environmental problems in the ocean and restore the rich ocean.

Image: Enriching the Sea and Mountains through the Bamboo Fish Reef Project in Munakata City

Contributing to the beautification of the local environment

Satsuki Matsubara coast cleanup activity

Employees and their families volunteer to participate in the "Save the Sea" (Satsuki Matsubara Beach Cleanup Campaign) sponsored by Munakata City, "Let's all clean up the beach together and help Munakata's rich ocean for the future!"