Technology Development FieldDevelopment of next-generation technology

Our Mission

Develop new tools for realizing the digital twin

For realizing the digital twin, we are engaged in experiment and demonstration of new technologies, including the usage of imaging study data collected from facilities for quality judgement by AI and the utilization of visualized invisible things for improving CAE software accuracy. In addition, we also strive to develop technologies that our company has not established yet, and take a role to provide technologies for each of digital engineering and actual engineering.

Our Direction

Moving towards infusion of the digital and real worlds, we are engaged in data collection, development of tools to accelerate data preparation (or the real world reproduction) and data utilization, as well as in experiment and demonstration of new technologies.

  • Visualizing invisible things and contribution to improving the accuracy of CAE software
  • Aiming to apply new technologies to the future vehicle production engineering field in cooperation with external industries, governments and academia including AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Our Capabilities

Development of Next Generation Robot Cells

We work on realizing Monozukuri or manufacturing centered on CPS(Cyber Physical System) through development of next generation robot cells.


  • Reproducing all sorts of activities at a real factory in a virtual one
  • Reproducing and optimizing various events in a virtual factory in real time which are difficult for human beings to solve
  • Random picking by means of image recognition
  • Guideless AGV × Collaborative Robot
  • No wiring nor piping
  • Area detection with no safety fence

Source: ”White Paper on Manufacturing Industries (Monodzukuri) 2020”

Concept of the next generation robot cells Concept of the next generation robot cells

Leveraging 5G

Starting demonstration experiment of a new communications network inside a factory leveraging high-speed and large-capacity 5G.

Leveraging 5G Leveraging 5G


Analyzing inspection images collected at a facility to automatize a visual inspection process.

BLE Wireless Sensor

Monitoring system with no power nor communication wires. In combination with commercially available sensors, it measures temperature, oscillation, vibration and pressure.As it is wireless, no wiring routing is needed.

BLE wireless sensor BLE wireless sensor

Mechanoluminescent Paint

Realizing invisible stress change visualization with special paint applicable to a wide range of uses including automotive facilities luminescence intensity shows stress distribution leading to easy comparison with CAE.

Mechanoluminescent paint Mechanoluminescent paint

Airflow Visualization

Visualizing invisible airflow with laser light analysis software shows vectorially the strength and direction of airflow, leading to easy comparison with CAE.