Company Profile

Company Outline and History


Head office 1-6 Asty, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture
811-4157, Japan
Established April 2007
Capital 400,000,000 yen
Stockholder Toyota Motor Corporation (100%)
(June 2023)
  • President Akitomo Baba
  • Managing Director Kazuo Nishidate
  • Director (External) Shinya Eto
    (Miyata Plant General Manager Vehicle Manufacturing Group of TOYOTA MOTOR KYUSHU)
  • Auditor Keijiro Okabe
  • Auditor (External) Yoshio Nakamura
    (Deputy Chief Officer of Production Group of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION)
Business activities Production preparation, development and design of facility, and quality data management based on automotive digital data
Development, sale, lease/rental, and maintenance of computer software/hardware
Business partners Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Kyushu, Toyota Motor Hokkaido, Toyota Motor East Japan and other companies

History and Development

1991 By wholly owned by Toyota Motor Corporation, BPA Co.,Ltd. was established as a design and production preparation engineering company of vehicle field. The head office was located in Fukuoka City.
MTA Co.,Ltd. was established as a design and engineering company of unit field facilities.
The head office was located in Nagoya City.
1996 Fukuoka Technical Center was established in Munakata City as the base for digital engineering.
2003 Contracted for production preparation operations for unit facilities.
2007 TOYOTA PRODUCTION ENGINEERING CORPORATION was established by merging BPA Co.,Ltd. and MTA Co.,Ltd.
The head office was located in Fukuoka City.
2009 A new building was built in Fukuoka Technical Center.
The head office was moved from Fukuoka City to Munakata City at the same time.
2011 TPEC-VISION2015 was created.
2015 Establishment of a department (Technical Development Dept.) specializing in technology development.
2016 TPEC-VISION2016 was created.
2017 Commemoration of the TPEC’s 10th anniversary of foundation was held.
Certified as a "Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization"※Achieving the certification for seven consecutive years, as of 2023
2018 TPEC-WAY was created.
2019 Registration as a “child-rearing support company” in Fukuoka Prefecture Awarded the grand prize of “Awards program for workplaces where working people shine lively” hosted by Toyota city Participation in "Model Project to Support Employment Promotion of People with Disabilities with remote working“ of Fukuoka Prefecture
2020 Certified as a “company where female workers shine” in Aichi
2021 TPEC-VISION2030&medium-and long-term plans were created.
2022 Toyota Motor Corporation : Supplier Awards - Technical Development Award
Toyota Motor Kyushu : Safety and Health Cooperation Association - No-Accident Effort Award (Type 2)
Toyota Motor Hokkaido : Safety and Health Cooperation Association - No Accident Excellence Award
Toyota Motor Corporation : Safety and Health Cooperation Association - No Accident Safety Excellence Award
2023 Award for "Workplace where people work vigorously and brilliantly”
Best Focus Award (sponsored by Toyota City)