Digital Engineering Field Digital Simulation Technology

Our Mission

Prior inspection of production line and Early Detection & Early Resolution(EDER) with using digital simulation

We virtually reproduce production line layouts, production process structures and their component equipment, adding various information and conditions, and conduct different studies including one with robot teaching.
With suggesting problems or proposing countermeasures to resolve them, we contribute to reduction of redo and cost & time savings after production line refurbishment.

Our Direction

We contribute to vehicle data quality improvement and workability enhancement with using leading–edge simulation technology.

  • Time savings
  • Cost savings, Reduction of redo

Our capabilities

Process Feasibility Digital Simulation

  • Using digital simulation tools we study large-scale process including the layout to place robots in an optimal way.
  • As factories have various and many conveying facilities including one for carrying vehicles, we will conduct a simulation study beforehand to propose an optimal refurbishment to minimize the effort in preparation for the next model.
Welding robot layout study,Welding robot simulation Welding robot layout study,Welding robot simulation

Digital Simulation of Workability

  • We study workability, visibility and a posture of an operator with digital simulation, then give feedback to the product design or the previous process.
  • You can experience simulation results by yourself (as if you entered into a virtual world) with using VR or AR technology, and sharing the actual view with customers enables early detection of problems as well as proposals of countermeasures.
Workability digital simulation Workability digital simulation

Realistic Data Processing

  • In an automobile appearance study, some problems such as reflections can be detected only in a condition similar to one of a real vehicle. TPEC reproduces an appearance very close to one of a real one with computer graphics, which contributes to a study in a nearly actual condition.
Appearance study