Corporate Governance

ISMS Basic Policy

1.Basic Guidelines TPEC contributes to the society through the design engineering business in the automotive manufacturing technology field.
Information assets are one of our most important management resources in our business operations.
To take full advantage of these information assets for developing and continuing our business, we established the information security management system (JIS Q27001), which we will be committed to maintain and improve.
2. Action Guidelines

1. Information Asset Protection

We will protect properly the following information assets.

  1. Information and know-how on design engineering business
  2. Information on HR
  3. Information on accounting
  4. Immaterial assets including various services and intellectual assets
  5. All other information on our business

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

We will be compliant with obligations related to information security measures based on all applicable laws, regulations, contractions and our company regulations.

3. Continuous Improvement

We will pursue to maintain and enhance IMSM with continuous evaluation and review.

4. Participation by all members

We will provide education on information security to raise the awareness of our staff members and stakeholders to ensure their commitment to information security activities.

Date Issued: 12/12/2006
Date Revised:31/8/2019

Basic bribery prevention policy

Basic policy

1. Prohibition of bribery

This company seeks no profit whatsoever that cannot be acquired without bribery or other unjust means, either in Japan or abroad.

2. Prohibition of the acceptance of bribes

At this company we do not demand money or other items in connection with improper professional conduct, promise to accept it or accept it, whether in Japan or abroad.

3. Prohibition of improper accounting

This company does not engage in off-the-books trades, wash trades, fictitious trades or the like.
Also, we engage in no trading behavior that gives the impression of such behavior.

4. Cooperation with investigations

In the unlikely event that we become involved in bribery, accounting irregularities or conduct that invites suspicion, we will give complete cooperation to investigations by the relevant authorities.

To our business partners

In your business activities relating to the Company, your compliance with and corporation for the above-mentioned will be appreciated. For details, please refer to the “Anti-Bribery Guidelines for Business Partners.”

Elimination of Anti-Social Forces

Basic policy Based on our company mission statement (basic philosophy) and action guidelines, absolutely no relationships, including engaging in transactions, shall be had with anti-social forces.
All unjust and unfair demands from anti-social forces shall also be refused.
We shall work organizationally and legally in cooperation with external professional institutions toward anti-social forces.