Company Profile

Our Philosophy

We make stakeholders smile with our proven technology.


  1. We strive to be a good corporate citizen through compliance with domestic and foreign laws and the implementation of open and fair enterprise behavior.
  2. Our team of technicians continuous strive at innovation of "TOYOTA"production technology by pushing our originality and ingenuity and making and continuous efforts to earn the trust of customers.
  3. With the motto of "human resources are our biggest assets," we offer encourage self-expression of each of our employees and strive to develop a corporate culture that supports a cheerful corporate environment that prioritizes "safety" and fun.
  4. Aware of the necessity of global environmental protection, we aim to be a company trusted by the local community.
  5. We prioritize long-term stable growth and mutual coexistence, making concerted efforts to encourage originality and ingenuity with our partner corporations based on open relationships.

Management Philosophy

We will contribute to Monozukuri, manufacturing through the innovation of the digital engineering with a great passion at all times.
We will make everyone smile.

Action guidelines

  • The best service
  • Respect each person
  • Challenge and growth
  • With a good partner

※Compliance with the Toyota Code of Conduct as a member of ALL-TOYOTA


  • Pursuit of TPEC Quality
  • Pursuit of TPEC Technology
  • Pursuit of TPEC Human Resources


  1. Creation of new values and co-creation of an exciting daily life & a thrilling future
  2. Deepening and innovation of Monozukuri centered on CPS* to lead the world

*Cyber-Physical System:A cycle in which collected data and analyzed results feedback to a real physical world