Revolution for the Future

In April of this year, we established the BR New Business Planning Promotion Dept. and Electric Unit Engineering Dept., and began to strengthen new business areas (see the graph on the right). Amid continuing major changes in the external environment, we will focus on work styles and business management in response to with/after corona, and review the organizational structure and profit management system utilizing business charts in order to respond quickly and accurately to changes as new management issues. In order to survive in an era of high uncertainty that will continue into the future, we will continue to take on the challenge of strengthening competitiveness and business reform centered on TPS in conjunction with human resource development under the corporate slogan "Revolution for the Future."

●Report on Priority Theme Initiatives in Fiscal 2020

At the General Meeting of Shareholders held in June, we approved the report on our business activities in fiscal 2020, so we will introduce some of them (major theme initiatives).

■Strengthening the foundations

▼Visualization of competitiveness
Determine the direction of "stop, change, and continue" for each business, and strengthen revenue and resource management.

➡Strategic resources management

▼Work style innovation
Creating new attractiveness as a company by accelerating telework promotion and creating a safe and secure working environment.

➡Initiatives to secure excellent human resources

▼Investment in human resources and facilities
Started TPS education and advanced IT human resource development program with the aim of improving operations and accelerating new businesses.

Renovated the Head Office, Fukuoka Technology Center, and Munakata Training Center to create a work environment that can respond to an increase in employees through a new normal work style and independence.

➡Investments that will lead to the future

■Challenging the Future

▼Evolve Monozukuri through Digital Engineering
・Development of non-destructive inspection methods

Spectral imaging system realizes quality confirmation through image processing.

▼Toward realizing TPEQ's
・Platform development

Implemented measures such as database design and application linkage to build information infrastructure for products and factorie

・Building smart factories

Collection of know-how and knowledge related to system construction

・Sophistication of  measurement technology

・Production preparation process reform

➡Strengthening technological capabilities to realize CPS

■Sustainable growth

▼Expanding the scope
・Expansion of support areas for measurement operations

Application of shop-specific measurement techniques to other shops to contribute to problem solving, and expansion of the scope of measurement at each shop.

▼Improve productivity
Promote self-actualization through proprietary Robot Process Automation (RPA) tools. Develop new approaches to other operations and invest efficiency in future investments such as training and development.

▼Contributing to the environment
・CAE for environmental improvement

Participated in a simulation of in-plant airflow by CAE as part of Toyota's environmental challenge. Proposals to minimize CO2 of air blowers while achieving environmental standards.

➡Ensuring stable business continuity and earnings

*There were no changes to the executive officer structure in fiscal 2021 compared to the previous fiscal year, so this introduction is omitted.